Review: Pure Ice Polish: Glitters

I recently had the chance to review the Pure Ice polishes collection for 2013. I have to say, in the past I have used Pure Ice polishes and liked them, but with the newest colors and collections they have really managed to step up their game on the velour polishes, and their new glitter polishes are right up there with the more expensive brands. I haven’t found one that I don’t love. I have about 26 polishes to review, so I’m going to do them a few at a time, so I don;’t overwhelm you lovelies or myself!




This is Material Girl, it’s a dusty pink glitter in a clear base with large pink and gold diamond glitter.












This is Treasure Hunt, a sage green glitter in a clear base with large blue, purple and green glitter. This polish reminds me of an Easter Egg!










This is Stop Flirtin, a lovely light blue glitter with a clear base and medium round silver glitters.













This is Party of Five, a clear based teal glitter with large teal, pink, and purple glitters. I’m not sure I’m in love with this glitter, but the application was smooth and glitter placement wasn’t an issue.









This is Champagne, which to me, the name doesn’t suit the polish at all, but as far as color and coverage go, this is a great one, a combination of blues and greens give this clear based glitter a full coverage in two coats, and the color shift is gorgeous.





French Twist, is probably my second favorite glitter polish, with it’s black base and electric blue glitter, it just screams FUN at me, coverage on this one is a little harder, two coats gives a grey-ish black base, but three coats definitely does the trick, I think a big difference is letting each coat dry completely, otherwise the glitter tries to move around.




This is Five-some and I’m posting two photos of it because it is by far my favorite, but also the hardest one to capture. This is a black base with multi colored micro glitter and I have to say it is absolutely stunning! Two coats of this and sealed with a glossy top coat is so understated and gorgeous that I can’t begin to say enough good things

20121228_232258about it! I’ve used it several times on my toes, as well as multiple manicures, plus it looks gorgeous paired with purple or pink cremes and using this for tips of glitter gradients!







This beauty is Alter Ego, a brown based polish with gold micro glitter and small silver/grey matte glitters, I am not a fan of brown polish at all, but this is actually very pretty, good glitter coverage and two coats covers completely.

20121228_232111This is Playtime, a gorgeous full coverage glitter made up of gold and copper! The shift in this polish is so sparkly! It’s a clear base, and two coats gives good coverage. My mother saw this after I got it and immediately asked me to do her toes with it, which she never does! I love that unless you look closely you don’t actually see the copper glitter, it just shifts in the light!


All told, these glitter polishes from Pure Ice are by far some of my favorites that have come out this year. Pure Ice has really made a come back as far as colors and “keeping up with the Joneses” plus at $1.97 a bottle, you can pretty much afford the whole collection, rather than one or two.

My next post will feature Pure Ice shimmer polishes, be prepared for some gorgeousness girls!

Much Love!



Pure Ice is available at Wal-Mart, Walgreens and their online store.

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Disclaimer: Pure Ice Polish sent me these polishes for free to review, I am not being paid for my opinion.


Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Oh My!

It has been a very very very long time since I posted anything, what with the holidays happening, plus health issues and life in general I haven’t had much time to say anything to  you all. But, I have some updates and photos to share, and my next post will be about one of my favorite things, Nail Polish! Oh, I can tell your excited already! Back to the holidays for a moment though. Thanksgiving was nice, we fixed a rather large dinner for just the four of us, but we ate and ate and then slept Ha! My mom, as always was an amazing cook, she made all the regular stuff, I didn’t really help do anything as I wasn’t feeling so hot, but it did turn out rather well. The photos below are from Thanksgiving, don’t you love mom’s vintage turkey platter? I think it’s adorable! Now, after the jump, we’ll talk about my nephew Talon’s birthday, then Christmas!

My nephew Talon turned to in December, and I being the rockin’ auntie that I am, go him something loud and annoying. A drum set. Yes, his parents hated me for a minute! He got some really cool toys and we had lots of fun watching him open things and eat his cake.

Christmas was, as always a very special time of year, I love hanging out with my family, I love decorating and shopping (duh!) to find the perfect gifts for those that I love. This year, I didn’t really ask for anything for Christmas, mostly because the only thing I truly wanted was to spend my last Christmas making everyone else delighted with their gifts. I think I managed to do that, and I got some cool stuff as well. Although, I have to say, gift of the year goes to Travis because he actually got me a tattoo. I mean, talk about the perfect gift! I’ll show it to you later! I decorated my house (of course) and then I helped mom put up her tree, which was always a fun tradition when I was growing up. We talked about making another big meal but decided we’d rather do something fun and non traditional. We always hang out on Christmas Eve and talk, or watch movies, have homemade cocoa, just relax before the manic busy sets in the next day. Well, frankly, no one was up for any busy-ness on Christmas, we all wanted to sit back, relax and just enjoy it. So, we did. I went and rented some movies, we had snacks of all sorts, I helped mom make three kinds of fudge, she made candied pecans (yum!) I made homemade toffee dip and apple slices, pinwheels, cream cheese pickles, and I bought (yes, I cheated) sugar cookies and hot chocolate cupcakes. Plus we had a platter of sausage, cheese and crackers, along with white cheese queso dip and chips. None of us were starving that night! Well, by the time the movies all finished up, it was about 2am on Christmas, so we took a vote and decided to go ahead and open gifts, that way we could all sleep in the next morning. Have I mentioned how glad I am that I no longer have to get up at 6am to see what Santa brought? I am, I like sleep way to much for that noise anymore! So everyone tore into their gifts, I was really happy to see everyone enjoying their presents. My mom got me, Beth and Becca matching shamrock necklaces, they’re very pretty! The Friday after Christmas we went over to Becca and Randy’s house to do Christmas with them, they got me a freaking hello kitty toaster. It’s about the best thing ever! So, that pretty much sums up Christmas! New years was kind of calm, went over to Brent and Emily’s, hung out with them, drank a little to much! Pretty basic. So far this year hasn’t done anything spectacular for me, except make me sicker than normal, my meds were doubled at the beginning of this month, so I’m still adjusting to a really high dose of chemo and steroids  but I’ll get used to it I’m sure! So, that’s pretty much what’s been going on in my life, I hope you enjoy the pictures I’ve shared and I hope your holidays were happy and filled with family and friends!

Much love until next time!