So much to say, so little time.

Things have been both good and bad, good in life and love most days, health has been so-so. There of course has been stress and regular life issues, but I’m trying to let those slide off my back and not worry to much. I’m still trying to wrap my head around not having that much time left on this earth. It hit hard the other day when we got my medical records and the confirmation of diagnosis from the Dr. Things have been, kind of Bleh for me lately. Depression is trying hard to kick my ass, that added in on top of the pain just doesn’t make for to many pleasant days, but I’m definitely trying to not let it bother me.

Corey surprised me last week by taking the day off work and coming to see me, I love that he tries to surprise me like that. We spent a few hours hanging out and just being together.









Isn’t he adorable? Yeah, I love him. Sadly I missed Social Media Tulsa’s 2nd anniversary which was last Saturday, I was so sad to have missed it, but I hear that everyone had a great time. I miss my Tulsa friends so much, but it’s just a long drive for me right now. In other stuff going on, I haven’t gotten my XML logs from the site that was hosting my blog previously, so my old posts aren’t up yet. But I’ll get them!

I’m still working on my postcard project, in case you missed that post, I’ve started collecting postcards from my friends who live in various places since I won’t get to travel as much as I’d hoped. If you have the time, slip on in the mail to me, I’ll be sending some back as well, so don’t forget to include your return address!

You can mail them to  Tiffannie 1111 West Prospect Harrison, AR 72601

I’ve been trying to find other things to make me happy, and to keep me occupied, so I’ve been a little obsessive over doing my nails ( and other peoples) I’ve been looking into doing different techniques and practicing those. I’m looking into getting into a few nail mail clubs, but for now, I’m making due with what I have (which is A LOT)  If your interested in being nail mail pals, shoot me an email at  or you can get me on Twitter @Tiffannieamber

All polish, all the time.                                            










I hope everything is going well with everyone else, I love you all and I hope to hear from everyone soon!

Much Love.