Nail Polish Wish List!

I love nail polish. A LOT. Some of these brands and colors I can’t get here, others, I’ve just seen and thought, oh, I need that! So, I’m making a wish list! These are only a few, I add new ones or take off ones I have, so it changes a lot!  I’m also always looking for nail mail buddies, so if your interested, shoot me an email, we’ll make it happen!


  • OPI DS-Bold
  • Barry M Glitter Nail Paint – Jewel Britannia
  • Bliss Polish- Sons of Anarchy Collection (Any, All!)
  • Glossy Glam Top Coat
  • Rica-Blood of Lillith
  • Glam Polish- Funhouse
  • Doctor Lacquer- Dopamine
  • Doctor Lacquer- Oxytocin
  • Forever Polished by Ashley-Sugar Skull
  • Forever Polished by Ashley-Toxic Babe
  • Forever Polished by Ashley- Sticks and Stones
  • Polish Addict- Drunken Unicorn
  • Rainbow Honey- Koi Pond
  • Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection-Hoof Wrassle
  • OPI- Spotted
  • Lynderella- It takes all sorts
  • Nail Sauce- Space Junk
  • Lynderella- Very Pretty Vampire
  • Terrestrial Nails- Constance
  • Nail Sauce- Designer Threads
  • Lacquer Lust- Sex in Sin City
  • Dollish Polish- Dark Elf
  • Liquid Sky Lacquer- 100 Acre Wood Collection
  • Disturbed Polish- Transexual Transvestite
  • Disturbed Polish- Cootie Quat
  • Disturbed Polish- Peep Show
  • Wicked Polish- Stabbed by a unicorn
  • Wicked Polish- Fairy blood splatter

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