About Me.

Sometimes a short list is better than a paragraph.

  • I’m a photographer
  • I’ve run my business for 6+ years.
  • I have cancer, my diagnoses is Stage 4 colon cancer.
  • I’m a country girl, I love muddin, fishin, getting dirty, and having a great time.
  • I have two dogs, Shar Pei’s Shamus and Memphis
  • I’m addicted to nail polish, avocados and men that look like Colin Farrell.
  • I have tattoos and piercings. Lots of them.
  • I’m Irish. Very. Irish.
  • I’m divorced. A lot. I have doubts about love.
  • I have a baby sister that’s 10 years younger, and an adopted sister who is 4 months younger.
  • My fishing pole is pink and purple. So is my bathroom.
  • I love my family, my mom is one of my best friends.
  • I’m from Arkansas, I’ve lived all over, and I loved living in Tulsa.
  • I’m slightly obsessed with the show Sons of Anarchy.
  • I’ve had this blog for nine years.
  • This is a list of things I have been, am and hope to be.


I am a semi-normal human female. I’m a country girl, I take photographs, read, read in the bathroom, talk dirty, walk into a bar and sailors run out, refuse to buy Nike products, lust for the blood of the innocent, fucked your dad, yell, curse, get tattoos and piercings, like the sound of rain, try to find happiness without bothering anyone else, laugh inappropriately, illegally download music and movies, completely ready for the zombie apocalypse, give hugs, pay it forward, don’t like it when people do that fake cheek kissing thing, wear Ariat boots exclusively (I’m looking for an endorsement here,) I’m not your average girl, I can hunt, fish, change a tire and rebuild a carburetor. I don’t cry at chic flicks, I do get pissed when I break a nail, I despise drama and think cutesy couples are disgusting. I don’t know what I want out of life, other than to get through it, I love my family, friends and my dogs. I love cheesy horror flicks, holding hands, hugs, kisses, partying with the right people, driving my big ol truck through mud puddles, taking pictures of random things, watching the Saints play football, drinking Guinness and Jameson, Halloween, listening to music, backroads with beer and friends. I dislike a lot of things, one of which could be you, drama, bullshit, haters, people who don’t know me and still talk shit, liars, cheaters, hypocrites, elitists, racists, sexists, men who abuse women, women who abuse men, anyone who would abuse a child or an animal, celebrities and the people who gossip about them, people who try to label me, people who make assumptions, grape soda, Pepsi, chocolate, my elbows, wearing high heels, gas prices, the smell of cinnamon, yard work and wasting time.


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