The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Yes, I really do love that movie. Clint Eastwood will forever be a badass in my mind. So, other than the disappointing email from Corey, I haven’t posted much. Partially due to illness, somewhat due to depression. A lot of people don’t realize that even when you aren’t doing chemo and radiation to cure yourself of cancer, it’s a very expensive disease to have. Because you have to take medicines every day to keep the pain away, and to keep parts of your body functioning like they should (at least for the most part) which is one of the reason’s I started my postcard project because I knew I wouldn’t be able to travel a lot. My bucket list is pretty short, it mostly involves spending time with my family and my friends, doing some fun things with them and seeing a few concerts. Three, to be exact, before I take my dirt nap, I wanted to see Willie Nelson, Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert. Now, if you’ve been alive more than 15 years, you know who Willie is, the other two, you might not know so well. Colt Ford is a phenomenal rapper/singer, and he’s country. And I mean, born and bred Georgia boy, complete with adorable twang. I saw him in Tulsa last year, but didn’t get to stay for the concert, I was six months pregnant and there were way to many fights, when my baby sister got punched in the face, we left. I was sad, but protecting the baby and her were more important. I haven’t seen Brantley Gilbert in anything but videos, but let me tell ya, these three men, who are famous, and I mean, FAMOUS, still seem like the kind of guys I want to sit down, drink a beer and bullshit with. Because of that they made my bucket list of concerts. Jason Aldean almost made it on there, but he’s kind of…. aloof? At least he seems so to me.

I’m straying past my point…. I found out that all three of these guys are playing within a 2 hour drive from me in the next two months. Colt is in Miami, OK on Sept 14th, Willie is actually playing this Sunday (the 12th) in Mt Home, and Brantley is playing in Poplar Bluff, Mo on Sept 28th. Now, my stomach got all butterfly-ee (that’s a word…really) and I looked at the ticket prices, that’s when the butterflies grabbed my heart to sink it. $85 to see Willie, $25 for Colt and $37 for Brantley. Well, don’t get me wrong, I know these guys completely deserve to make their money, I wouldn’t begrudge any artist of that, but when you combine gas, tickets, and food/beverage money, that’s almost $125 a trip. I thought about trying to raise the money, but I would feel awful having someone else pay for my fun, plus it just doesn’t seem right. I’d rather those donations go to something like cancer research, or make a wish for kids with cancer. My mom was a trooper, she said she would get me to these places (she’d have to drive anyway, to much driving/sitting up wears me out real quickly) but I’d have to find the money for the tickets. I asked my Dr if I could skip some meds for a few weeks (not a good idea, he sounded like he was going to have a stroke) so that’s out of the question. I’ve been looking for giveaways, and contests to see if that was happening and so far I’m not having much luck. I’m praying about it, and I know that if I’m meant to go, I’ll go, but if God has another plan, it’s really up to Him anyway. So, that’s my slight update as to what’s going on, I’m skipping over the last visits to the hospital and such, mostly because I don’t want to relive it. (It sucked BIG time) Don’t ever ever get a spinal tap. They HURT. I had four in a two hour period. BLEH. I will try to update more often, depending on how I’m feeling. I hope this finds all of you happy, healthy and enjoying the last bits of summer.

(Edit: If anyone hears of a giveaway or contest PLEASE let me know! You can email me at Thank you <3)

Love you all.



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