Things that just PISS ME OFF.

I have to vent about this somewhere and since this is my own personal platform for these things, I’ll just go right ahead and put it on here. Corey decided out of the blue that he was going to stop communicating with me. I haven’t heard from him in a month at least, until tonight when I got an email. Yeah, a FUCKING EMAIL. It was only one sentence, “It soothes my soul to know your ok”

Are you KIDDING me? So, I cried, cause well I’m a bit of a cry baby lately. Then, I thought about it, and I got MAD, like, had to much whiskey and need to punch something mad. It felt….righteous. I’m posting my return email to him, just because, again. feels right. Sorry for the cursing, but sometimes sentence enhancers are all you got.

Do you know what it’s like to not be able to get out of bed everyday, or to face the unbelievable amount of pain that I am in. I spent last weekend in the hospital, getting spinal tap after spinal tap just so they could make sure the cancer isn’t eating my spinal cord. It was SO FUN. I’m so glad that you have time between work and your kid and your wife/gf/fuckbuddy that you took the time to EMAIL me, rather than text or call to really let me know that you never even gave a shit. It’s great having a broken heart to go along with my broken body. I love you still, and I dream about you every night. But you can take your soul soothing and shove it straight up your cowardly lying ass. Until you grow a set of nuts and actually come out with the TRUTH about why you chose to end things like you did, it would probably be easier if you just left me alone, since you are SO GOOD AT BREAKING PROMISES, I’m sure you won’t have any problem with that. I love facing this disease everyday, ALONE, because you can’t keep your word.



2 thoughts on “Things that just PISS ME OFF.

    First off, I’ve had guys do this to me, promise me the world, I fall for them, actually I fall head first into a concrete wall for them, they gain my trust, we make plans then BOOM they go MIA out of nowhere with no explanation, when they gave me one, it was like the one you got, pointless.
    Although my situations were obviously different, it still completely sucks, hurts like hell, and pisses you off to the point you’d like to bash their face in with a brick until your arm goes numb.
    I’m truly sorry though Tiff, obviously he wasn’t the man you thought he was, hell I wouldn’t call him a man, but I digress.
    Ever need to vent you know where I am.

  2. Such a shame:-( He obviously doesn’t deserve you- but words like this won’t make you feel any better! Pamper yourself – go shopping- hope his kid throws up on him, his wife destroys his favourite shirt and his fuckbuddy gets him a little something- like A nice little gonorrhoea ! Cheer up honey- he’s just not worth it! ❤

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